How long will it take to receive my order?

It takes me about 14 business days to have the order ready to ship, once you have confirmed the final design. After that, FedEx shipping takes 2-3 days and provides great tracking for $10. Therefore you will receive the piece about 15-17 days after you confirm the design.

Should letters in monograms be placed in a particular order?

Traditionally, the last name initial is usually placed in the middle. For example, if your name is Jane Mary Doe and you want the last name initial in the center, please write jDm in the comments, to avoid any confusion. However it is entirely up to you and you can place the letters the way you wish. When you place an order, please write the letters IN THE ORDER YOU WISH THEM TO APPEAR ON THE MONOGRAM.

How do I make sure I choose the right ring size?

Please have your ring size measured at a jeweler's. Do not trust plastic or paper ring sizers as they can be unreliable.

If you plan on ordering a ring that is wide under the finger, such as my 3 letter cuff ring which is 14mm wide, please bear in mind that you may need to order a larger size than your regular band size. Please have your ring size measured specifically for a similarly wide ring.

Which chain length should I choose?

The chain length on most of the pictures shown throughout the site is 18 inches.

Please refer to the image shown here to help you choose the length, but remember to add the height of the pendant.

Can you make this piece in 18K gold?

Yes, I can make any piece in 18K yellow, white or rose gold. Please just send me a message to know the price and I'll make a special listing for you.

Can I choose other gems for this piece?

Yes, I can use different gems in any piece. If you want a custom piece I will suggest a set of gems which you will either confirm or modify until you are satisfied.

chain lengths.jpg