Look at the stars…

A celestial collection.

The night sky has always inspired jewelers.

Just as constellations have guided travelers for millennia, they still guide us in our lives and help us stay the course.



I feel that this mix of elements is a perfect combination. The gold, itself forged in exploding stars, mined in the depths of the Earth, and the personalized text keep your feet on the ground, whereas the constellation keeps your head in the stars so that you may stay inspired and dream the biggest dreams you can.

Keep believing in your lucky star with this collection.


I first made this ring for someone who had asked me to create a design that would feature their zodiac constellation.




I can incorporate any personalised element such as text, roman numerals, or flourished to make the ring absolutely unique.

Although I love the simplicity of the black diamonds, I can incorporate other gems like other colored diamonds, sapphires, or tourmalines.



If you want to see what a ring with your constellation would look like, just send me a message.


If you have any question about making this piece, feel free to contact me with the form below. I will reply within 24 hours in most cases.